Formaldehyde free Keratin Treatment

Formaldehyde free Keratin Treatment

I am a veteran hair stylist and I was asked to review and test the new Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment made by Keratin Research.
From the moment I opened the bottle I felt that this product will be great; it handled smoothly on the hair and brush, I did not waste any product and it absorbed well. The model I have tested the product on also agreed, she was not troubled by any odors, itching or any discomfort feelings. As soon I washed her hair I saw how the curls and frizz has vanished like magic, I couldn’t wait to blow dry her hair and show her face at the mirror. I applied the mask that came with the treatment for 10 minutes, rinsed it and dry her hair….WOW it was a fantastic feeling to see amazing results immediately that was a fantastic feeling.  There are some limitations and it’s not for everyone (it will straighten every kind of hair)  so please read the article about “What Keratin treatment is right for me?”

What is Formaldehyde free Keratin Treatment? It is a hair treatment that mainly designed to straighten, repair and restore damaged hair. It is effective, fast and results are instantly visible.
The difference between Formaldehyde free treatments and Formaldehyde containing treatment is:

  • Simply as it is named Formaldehyde free, does not contain formaldehyde, however some manufactures (even very famous ones) like to use this term but still include some kind an aldehyde  in the product fooling you that technically is not called Formaldehyde but is from the same family. Some manufacturers even call it “natural ingredient”.
  • As a term of good faith from the manufacturer it should also not include other harsh chemicals like caustic, reagents thioglycolic acids & others. Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment made by Keratin Research Inc is made in USA and does not contain any of the above.
  • Few words about all “the harsh Chemicals” There is nothing wrong with all this ingredients as long as you follow the instructions and you know what you are doing. As a client you may visit your stylist once in 4 months and you should not worry about it, your health will not be affected if done correctly. Even some supermarket foods contain formaldehyde.
  • Formaldehyde free treatment straightens the hair differently from formaldehyde containing treatment. And may also alter colored hair like reds and blondes. It is advisable with any treatment to do it before a scheduled color or highlights session.
  • Formaldehyde Free Treatment are very effective but not as strong and long lasting as Formaldehyde Containing Treatment , there are limitations so please read the article about “What Keratin treatment is right for me?”
  • Formaldehyde Free Treatment is a faster process and I found it quite pleasant and satisfying.
  • Price; Formaldehyde Free Treatment are more expensive.
  • Maintenance; Formaldehyde Free Treatment may require more maintenance depending on your hair type you may have to use more often hair masks.

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